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OSC Cindy McGrewWhen I began visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the fall of 2004, I thought it would be to visit injured soldiers from my friend's unit until they healed and went home or until my friend completed his year tour of duty in Iraq. I never dreamed that almost 8 years later, I would still be visiting these men and women and that thousands of individuals would have touched my life in such a profound way. I am busier now than ever. Assisting our injured servicemen and women who put their lives on the line each and every day for our freedom is one of my most rewarding accomplishments, next to raising my four children. I love helping people, especially those that so selflessly made the conscious decision to protect us, knowing the risks of injury, loss of limb(s), and even loss of life. These men and women are truly my Heroes.

Those early visits made me realize that when families get calls in the middle of the night informing them that their loved ones have been injured, it means stressful packing and trips to hospitals, not knowing what to expect when they got there. It means leaving home, jobs, bills and in many cases, their other children at home. Seeing moms and dads crying in the halls of the hospitals wondering how they were going to pay their bills, hit home as I wondered what I would do if in their shoes. Sadly, this scenario has not changed, there are new families having to face these challenges every day.

Through the wonderful support of our community and our nation, we have been able to provide more than $1,000,000 in emergency financial assistance, travel, groceries and essential items to help ease these concerns. We are also blessed to get our troops and their families out to baseball games, dinners, concerts, retreats and so much more. We could not do that without community support.

We receive calls and emails from families and hospitals on a daily basis asking for assistance. From diapers and baby formula, to help with utilities, rent etc. We take our job as seriously as those that protect our lives with their own. The need for help doesn't stop with the holidays, it continues throughout the year. Thank you for all you do, and for your support of Operation Second Chance, we couldn't do it without you.

For those of you that are wondering – my friend made it safely home from Iraq in June of 2005.

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