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Name: Heather Robbins
Location: Annapolis, MD
I LOVE what your organization is about!! I volunteer with military organizations and am currently in school with hopes to become part of an organization such as yours someday.

Keep up the great work!! You inspire me!
Posted on: Monday - Jun 3, 2013
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Name: Richard A Stanley
Location: United States
I am a dentist in Sarasota, Florida and have been reaching out to help recuperating warriors. I understand there is a 5-6 year wait for some of the procedures that are needed to get these soldiers dental needs taken care of. We can be reached at 941-351-4468. Dr. Stanley
Posted on: Monday - Mar 18, 2013
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Name: Frank Domain
Location: Oberlin, Ohio
My wife made blankets in the passed. Do you need more? Please respond. We will be glad to make blankets for GI's.
Reply: Frank - Sorry for the late reply! I had someone else checking the guestbook pages. Yes, Please let your wife know that we would be happy to take more blankets to the hospital, a couple at a time. Thank you and hope all is well... Cindy
Posted on: Tuesday - Mar 12, 2013
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Name: Tom Cook
Location: San Antonio
FANTASTIC Website! I added your link to my bookmark, and forwarded your website to my friends. I really appreciate this tremendous resource. Also, another great website is where veterans can learn about hidden government benefits, how to properly increase their compensation
Posted on: Thursday - Feb 14, 2013
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Name: Ana Hernandez
Location: Miami
I am so glad that you are doing so much for our wounded soldiers. For the longest time I had wanted to help encourage a wounded soldier with no family but I don't really know how to go about it, knowing how difficut it is to be alone with no family I wish to help out but I am glad you help so much.
Reply: Ana, Thank you so much for your kind words. We certainly appreciate how difficult recovery can be and fully understand how big of a difference family makes. Though most of our servicemen and women usually have someone to rely on we always try to keep our eyes out for anyone who doesn't. Thank you again for your support.
Posted on: Friday - Oct 26, 2012
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