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I am a SGT that has served in the military for 13 years which have included a total of 3 combat tours. Most recently I was attached to the 126th Military Police Co. National Guard. In 2005 I was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. During this 12 month deployment my missions included main supply route security, training Iraqi police in military and police tactics, prison detail, supporting Infantry units in looking for Al Queda terrorists and weapon caches, and supporting 3rd ACR south of Baghdad with various missions.

During my deployment, I had a total of five direct IED attacks on my truck; I was involved in over twenty to thirty IED bombings near my convoy because of controlled detentions by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team. This happened when we found the IEDs before they blew up directly on our convoy. When I was stationed south of Baghdad, our base got hit with rockets and mortars everyday and everynight. I have hearing loss, a TBI (traumatic brain injury), injuries to both of my shoulders and knees, an injury to my lower back, and I have been diagnosed with severe PTSD. I have also been diagnosed with sleep apnea due to the exposure to burn pits.

When I first came home adjusting was not easy. I went to the VA frequently to be treated for my injuries and to try to deal with my PTSD. I tried my best to continue to provide for my family though I was still fighting a silent war. In 2012 it all became too much and I became suicidal. I have been admitted to an intense inpatient program for several months and because of this I have lost my job making it financially difficult for my family during this time.

I would like to thank Operation Second Chance for coming to my aide in a time when I felt my sacrifices had been forgotten.

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