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Donation Made in Honor/Memory of...

David Stauffer: $100.00

Liberty's Freedom

My kids in the service..... Scottie, Brent, Keith, Nick, Matt

Donation in honor of The son of the owner of Liberty Labradoodles and Pam Ferrel's son

In honor of Emily Wechsler who is running in the Marine Corps Marathon

In support of Emily Wechsler - running marathon in NYC on October 29

Sponsor Kellie Mitchell in Marine Corps Marathon

Kellie Mitchell, until her husband gets home

In Honor of SGT Douglas Pennington

In support of Emily Wechsler

Liberty Labradoodles

All who serve

To help sponsor Kellie Mitchell in the Marine Corps Marathon in October

Kellie Mitchell for James Mitchell

Raymond legault

Liberty Labradoodles

Brian Desmond: Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC

I would like to honor Matthew Fairbanks and family for all thier courage and support. Thank you

In honor of my son, SGT. Andrew C. Gritzbaugh

In support of my son, SPC Jack W Gritzbaugh 101st Airborne, Army

In Support of OUR SOLDIERS!

Margaret Quinn, Raymond Legault

Liberty's Freedom

Kellie Mitchell, Marine Corp Marathon Go Kellie Go!

In support of Kellie Mitchell who is running in support of her husband CPT James Mitchell who has been extended four months after his year in Iraq.

In support of Brian Desmond - Marine Corp Marathon

Hannah Hanson Marine Corps Marathon

Donating in Support of Lindsey Paola

Lindsey Paola

Brian Desmond is running the Marine Corps Marathon.

Monica Preciado running in the Marine Corps Marathon in October, 2006

Brian Desmond Marine Corp Marathon Runner Washington, DC Team Operation Second Chance

Sponsor Kellie Mitchell in Marine Corps Marathon for Operation Second Chance which she is doing to honor her husband, James; battery cmdr.; Bravo Btty. 4-11 field artillery; 172 Stryker Combat team - Bagdad, Iraq.

James and Kellie Mitchell


James Mitchell, Fort Wainwright, AK, Stryker Brigade

In suuport of Kellie Mitchell--one of my heroes--she is raising funds for this great program and running the Marine Corps Marathon to raise awareness of our troops in need.


All of our troops throughout the world.

In support of Nicholas Sternberg running the Marine Corp Marathon on the 29th October for the charity.

Col Don Archibald

Team Detrick

In support of Molly Simmons in the Marine Corps Marathon.

Ride the Allegheny--Clark Wagner

Team Detrick

Sgt. Jeremy Wolfsteller and Mom Julie

Ride Allegheny supports Operation Second Chance

"Team Detrick"-signifying our joint affiliation. Fellow runners include: Maj. Greg Grunwald, USMC (in Iraq), SSgt Brian Feil, USMC (in Iraq), Mr. Brian Desmond, patriotic American, and Col. Don Archibald, U.S. Army

I saw the article in the Fred Post and wanted to support Team Detrick in their marathon run.

In memory of Ben C. Parrott and in support of CPT Chris Devine and Team Detrick

Ride Allegheny fundraiser-Clark Wagner

RA6 Ron Canova

M1 for Vets and WRAMC

Brent Trouslot Marine Corps Marathon


Ellen Hoitsma

This donation is in support of Ellen Hoitsma, mother of Matt and Jim Shellberg who are serving in Anbar Province. Ellen is running in the marathon.

In honor of Ellen Hoitsma and her two sons, Matt and Jim, currently far away from home and unable to cheer her on during this upcoming race.

in support of Ellen Hoistma who is running in the MC marathon in DC Oct 29; and in memory of my nephew, EM2 Austin Koth, killed in Baghdad 7/26/06

COL Don Archibald and Tean Detrick

Donation in honor of Major Brent C. Trouslot, USMC, who will be running in the Marine Marathon.

In support of Brent Trouslot Marine Corps Marathon

This donation is on behalf of Capt. Christian Devine who is running the Marine Corps Marathon to raise money for this charity

In support of "Team Dereck" and Maj. Grunwald who will be running in Iraq. From 2 nurses (Elaine Lopes and Fran Fairbanks) who worked with his mother, Joy at Taunton State Hospital. Thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

In support of Ellen Hoitsma - who is running in the marathon and wearing the names of Matt & Jim Schelberg (her sons) and Nick Loughlin (our son) currently serving as Marine Infantry in Iraq

Tour of Compassion Major CR Soltes, USAR You welcomed me to the rugby field with a smile

Ellen Hoitsma. Thanks for running for our Nicky! All the best, Erin, Maddie and Billy

My nephew Nicholas Loughlin

Monica Preciado for the USMC marathon run

In support of Monica Preciado who is running the marathon! You can do it!

Our troops

Brent Trouslot Marine Corps Marathon

In support of Nicholas Sternberg

In honor of all our soldiers and support of Don Archibald.

In support of Ellen Hoistma, mother of two Marines currently serving in Anbar Province and running in the 2006 USMC Marathon

In support of Ellen Hoitsma, running in Marine Corp Marathon this coming weekend

Team Detrick and Captain Chris Devine in the Marine Corp Marathon

In support of Marine Corps Major Gregory Grunwald(running the Marine Corps Marathon while serving in Iraq) and Team Detrick

All who serve

Tour of compassion by Michael Kim

In support of my little run!

Team Detrick/Don Archibald

Support of Mike Kim

Our troops in Iraq

All USNA grads killed and wounded in Iraq/Afghanistan

All our soldiers

All our Service People who serve

Please use toward replacing the toys/games that were stolen. Bless You All

After the robbery, we wanted to help out

I'm making this donation because I just read about the robbery at Lakeforest Mall and I wanted to do my part to help Ms. McGrew regain some of the money lost

To help replace the stolen gifts at Lake Forest Mall on 11/20/06

Every service member heroes all

For all that you have given the American people...freedom. Thank you.

I heard on the radio what happened at the mall and want to help with getting the gifts replaced

To help replace what was stolen at the Mall. Cindy - as soon as they described what had happened and before they said your name - I knew it had to be you. Thank God you weren't hurt...God bless you and your group.

James H. Thiess Sr - WWII deceased Vet

Donation in support of all the men and women serving our nation.


Operation Second Chance

Kevin Peacock

Cindy McGrew, so that the thieves don't stop your great work

To help buy another XBox and Playstation.

I am a soldier that has been lucky enough to deploy 3 times without injury. I heard about your organization on the radio and I wanted to help. I dont have much but I want to help.

In honor of Cindy McCrew. I heard her story on WMZQ.

In support of all who serve our great Country. In honor of LTC Mike McKinney who continues to serve while battleing Brain Cancer.

Cindy - I was listening to WMZQ this morning, and was very touch. What happened is despicable, thankfully no one was hurt. I am guessing that it actually will turn into a blessing for you and your organization; I did not even know you existed, until I heard the interview. God bless you Cindy, I am a veteran, thankfully, severing 6 years during peace time, but even then I benefited from folks like you, being alone at thanksgiving, xmas, etc at 18 can be tough, but there were always groups like yours to help me and other (family's that could not afford gifts). Bringing a smile, joy, happiness, even just briefly is one of Gods Greatest gift. Thank you, and god bless you this holiday season.

I heard the story on 98.7 wmzq this morning about the lady who was robbed at the mall purchasing video games for a soldiers children. I hope this little bit will help to replenish those gifts.

Cindy's Operation Second Chance --I challenge all retirees and veterans to step up to the plate and help raise BIG money for these Service Members and families. Kevin.

Sorry to hear about the stolen merchandise. Hope this goes a small way toward replacing what was lost. Thank you for what you're doing with this organization.

All of our brave soldiers wounded while serving our country

This donation is to help Cindy to replace the items stolen from her at the Mall. Thanks to all of you for the support you give our servicemen.

This donation is in honor of our aunt and uncle, Ed and Pat Rossell. Merry Christmas!

Cindy, I'm a retired Air Force veteran and would like to make a donation to your cause. I'm thankful you weren't hurt during the robbery and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing!! God Bless You!

The soldiers

In Memory of Tyler Whiffen.

The children of injured Marines at Walter Reed Hosp.

In honor of my son Sean Peterson who is currently at Parris Island in bootcamp, scheduled to graduate Dec. 15, 1006.

I am donating $10.00 for each my 12 nieces and nephews as part of their Christmas presents. I believe it is important to teach the value of giving back as early as possible.

WMZQ Ben & Brian show

Just heard abt. on WMZQ etc.

So sorry to hear about the robbery at Lake Forest.

Thank you for helping so many soldiers in need. Freedom is truly not free.

Larry Rumpz and Ronald E. Fournier

In honor of my son Sgt. Damian Moreau who has just returned from his second tour in Iraq and for all the others who put their life on the line each and every day.

Help repay the XBox that was stolen

Everett W. Peake, veteran WW II. Thanks for your work. Sorry to hear about the theft. Glad no one was hurt. Good can come from evil.

In honor of my son, a pilot and Major in the USAF

To help replace what was stolen. And in support of our Troops.

All the men,women and their families in the Armed Forces that are procting our country.

Just a little donation to help replace what was stolen and perhaps help buy for some others. Thank you for what you are doing, Cindy, and thank the troops for what they are doing. We are also part of a church group which visits the troops at Walter Reed once a month to provide a lunch party for them. Those men and women make us proud!

In honor of Keith Hutcheson

To help replace stolen gaming systems

We heard you on WMZQ today and wanted to help. I'm a retired Navy Seabee and in honor of the fallen Seabees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just want to keep helping.....

Joseph and Ruth M. Camardese, USMC

In memory of Andrew Fraklin Mitchell Jr.

Disgusted to hear about the mugging and loss of presents.

Sgt. Michael Law, Army Reserve

All our brave and courages young men!!! Sybilla Elliott.

All of our brave men and women serving our country along with their families. God Bless.

In friendship of Mr. Kary Walker and in honor of all those that serve.

For the lady that got robbed at Lakeforest mall. HORRIBLE!!!

Christmas Toys

In memory of those lost from FOB #2 Macv SOG during the Vietnam conflict.

Mugging on November 21st of Chair-person. I would like to donate back to that wounded soldier's family. I am sorry to hear that this has happened. In memory of Justin Davis, killed in Afghanistan in June, 2006

Hang in there; I appreciate what you're doing as much as I detest the violence against you. God bless/GM

Support SGT Beem

Michael Hangemanole

Learned about your organization on Fox News. Thanks for doing what you do.

Just for the heros and their children

Injured Military or their families.

As a three tour vietnam combat vet I am making this donation to honor the 58 plus thousand nam vets on the wall and to the bravery and courage of out military that carries on out tradition

Disgusted when we herad of the mugging. I hope this helps. Rich & Dee Happ (Saw this on Fox)

In memory of our Dads, William Van Dyke and Bruce Mac Connie, both Vets and in honor of those who have served and sacrificed for us to live free. Direct contribution to Christmas gifts for injured or deceased veteran's families please. Thank You!

In honor our son, Corporal Jacob Gerwig an Army Medic Currently serving proudly in Baghdad

In memory of my Father Leo H. Patterson, bomber pilot killed in WW II.

All our brave troops sacrificing for our freedom.

To help recover your loss do to the scumbag that stole from you, via Fox News.

Cpl Albert Gettings Was killed in combat 1-5-06

Hi Cindy, I saw you on FOX. Sorry to hear about what happened. Hope this helps bring a Merry Christmas home to our soldiers and thier families. God Bless you and them. Merry Christmas Bill

David Jennings Little

Vietnam veterans who remember fellow soldiers

My father William Ridenour who fought in WWII, my husband Warren, who fought in Viet Nam, and 2 stepsons, Christopher and Patrick who were in the service. I am an nurse at the VA Hospital in Altoona, PA and see the results of war daily. God Bless them all.

All of those who serve so bravely.

Aaron Morris

To Our Brave young men and women who have chosen to serve this great nation, There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Thank you all from myself and my family. Larry Rowthorn Phoenix, Az

To support the wounded soldiers and their families.


Thank you for helping these men and woman. Thank You for your service, your sacerfice. PS: If it's ok,could I please have a braclet.

Peter Matura 5333 S.E. Miles Grant Rd. Stuart, Florida 34997 In Memory

All the troops fighting over seas.

In memory of SGTMAJ Donald W. McMillen, my father, who served in three wars, WWII, Korea (Inchon and Chosun Reservoir), and Viet Nam and was severely wounded in the first two wars and retired from the Marine Corps in 1969. My father was always deathly afraid I would be sent during the first Gulf War, but my assignment precluded it. At the start of OIF I sat at his hospital bedside on emergency leave from Korea as he fought to live after sustaining life threatening injuries in a car crash west of Phoenix that killed my mom and his bride of 50 years. He is my hero as are all the men and women who have either made the ultimate sacrifice or have to dramatically adjust to their new course and challenges in life. Each of them know the price of freedom and it is not free.

James P. Eaton Gysgt USMC (ret)

Those heros who need it most.

I am donating $100 in the name of the Reading Group and $100 in the name of Gail Clark, Scarlette Wilson, and Linda Aikens. I am giving you the money I would have spent on gifts for my girlfriends.

All who serve

In honor of Edward MacMahon on his 12th birthday.

On behalf of: Capt.(Ret) & Mrs. Roger P. Flower, USN Mr. & Mrs. Roger P. Flower, Jr. Mr. Christopher B. Flower Mr. Jeffrey D. Flower CW2(Ret) Robert F. Smith, USN

In support of my brothers, the United States Marines

Donation in the name of Judy & Art Werner.

Donation on behalf of Leslie & Jon Taylor.

In honor of Jessica Dillon

William P. Jacobs

Christmas donation

In lieu of buying Christmas gifts for good friends, this donation is in support of my son, an Army Captain.

In honor of my parents, Bill and Barbara Raab and my brother, Chris Raab. Also, Betty & Burt Thornley.


World War II veteran Whitney C. Russell

Donation on behalf of Steve & Donna Lamoreaux 591 Small Reward Road Huntingtown, MD 20639

Pete and Bernadette Wyatt

All our troops.

Straus Vincent Daniel

In honor of Edward Holzman 7 Slade Avenue Apartment 401 Baltimore, Maryland 21208

Tina Ruud

All who have suffered to serve.

Mrs. Jackie Bauman and Mrs. Robin Durham

Our wonderful soldiers

Emily Wechsler

In honor of Elisabeth Cella

In honor of Michele Cella

In honor of Will Hornick


In honor of Joe Hornick

I learned about your organization at the Trans Siberian Orchestra last night, 30 Dec 06.

Cindy, To support April Wheeler while she is in the VA hospital in San Fransico. Funds are needed to help with the care of her two young children at such a difficult time. VA, SS, and Millitary funds are not in place as yet.

Donna and Tara Brady and Kate Galbavy

My good friend PFC Anthony "Alex" Gaunky

Edward MacMahon, in lieu of gifts for his birthday.

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